NewsFlow For N900 Alpha Release #Maemo #N900 #Nokia @tlaukkanen

Here is a sneak look at NewFlow for the Nokia N900, download versions Maemo or Symbian, please note that you need QT4.7 installed, not for public release on Symbian but is available as part of the QT SDK 1.1.

 NewsFlow is a client to  Google Reader service which is used for reading RSS feeds from various sources.

See demonstration video in YouTube:

Application contains the following features:

  • List unread items
  • Show item details: Title, source, date and summary
  • For each item, user can:
    • Mark item as read
    • Mark item as favourite (star)
    • Open original item in web browser

Feature roadmap for next versions:

  • Swipe support with GestureArea
  • Tagging support
  • Show unread items based on tags
  • What else would you like to have? Add a ticket or start discussion!

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