MIR Translator For Maemo N900 #Maemo #MeeGo #N900 #Translation #MIR

Fantastic app here from from the developer, translate any text by taking a picture of it, its sent to the cloud and the translation come back…easy

For full details head here


-A viewfinder is used to capture images with the camera. The user selects text to translate.
-If the recognition is erroneous, the user is able to correct the recognition via manual segmentation, manual thresholding, and manual candidate selection.
-Supports more than 30 input and output languages.


-Somewhat limited performance. This is because the recognition service resides in the cloud as a web service. I am hosting the service myself, so server capacity / speed is as a result limited.
-Recognition accuracy is currently quite dependent on the quality of the input image. That is, images should be well and evenly lit and have good contrast. It’s best if the text is sharp, with typographic-like fonts and non-complex backgrounds.


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