Violence In Computer Games – #Gaming #Rainbow6 #Patriots #MW3 #COD #BF3

Well the year is coming to a close and we now have some games either coming soon to the market or already on sale that have sailed pretty close to wind in terms of shock violence.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is probably the most well know for its shock violence specifically the No Russian level of Modern Warfare 3.  In this scenario you are deep undercover with a group of Russian terrorists who infiltrate an a U.S airport, you have to act like one of them and are allowed to randomly and mercilessly murder people.

In this years Modern Warfare it steps its game up if you can call it that and a scene involving a small child is getting center stage.  In this scene you are the father of this little girl, seeing her through the eyes of video camera as a terrorist truck pulls along side and explodes, blowing her to bits.

Rainbow 6: Patriots is slated for a 2013 release date and is the game footage that you see above. The developer decided to release this themselves to avoid unauthorized leaks.

In this clip you are what looks to be a former agent or someone who burned the bad guys and now they want payback.  They take your wife and child hostage and strap a bomb to you forcing you to be a suicide bomber or else they will kill your family.  In the end the good guys with no other choice, toss you off the bridge with the bomb still strapped to you to avoid civilian causalities.

So, is this type of story telling necessary in gaming or are the creators just doing it for the attention….possibly the later but in my opinion it is necessary in the context its being used.

Why do i think this, look at the London bombings, people blown to pieces on a bus, look at New York, planes used to destroy buildings, Im surprised its not been in a game yet.’

Even close to home, in Ireland many what we call tiger kidnappings are taking place, families held hostage while usually the husband/father is sent out to do something under threat they will be harmed or killed.

So yes it is necessary…because this is happening, these are real things, real situations, you don’t like it…tough, get over it and get used to it as it may affect you some day.

What is your take on violence……


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