Irish Interest – The AppBuilder – #Apps #TheAppBuilder #Belfast #Ireland @JamPot_Borg

TheAppBuilder, developed by Belfast company JamPot Technologies, is set to turn the app industry on its head by enabling companies, organizations and individuals to design, build and launch their own cross platform apps for minimal cost.

Launched recently at major telecoms events in the US and Europe, JamPot’s CEO James Scott believes TheAppBuilder will revolutionize the app market “We set out to revolutionize the old approach where businesses could spend up to $10,000 or more on creating a mobile app for a single platform – far beyond the reach of many SMEs.

“The beauty of TheAppBuilder ( is that it has been designed for non-techies to create and update their own apps in minutes. TheAppBuilder can be downloaded for free to a Windows or Mac desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

When the user is ready to publish the app they can choose from one of our low cost monthly subscriptions, starting at $29, to have the app published to the leading app stores – iTunes App Store, Android Market and Windows Marketplace.”


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