Poll : Design Your Own Phone, Could It Work – #Mobile #Design #Technology

I’ve been meaning to post this for while now but I have been thinking especially with the launch of the Nokia Asha range, wouldn’t it be great if you could spec your own phone, similar to how you can with PC’s.

A black Asha 311 is a thing of beauty but the specs are a little low, and yes that is the intention of this range but what if you want this range but higher spec.

The Asha 311 has 128mb of RAM which is very low, granted not for S40 but what if you want 512MB, why cant you, what if you want a Super AMOLED screen, why can’t we have these options please OEM’s.

What if you could swap out the OS, would you put in Windows Phone, MeeGo perhaps ?

So what do you think…would you like this feature, a custom design, sure it will cost you more but its all about choice….right ?


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