Nokia Sustainability Challenge

Nokia Connects had a competition of late called the Nokia Sustainability Challenge.

You can find out about it here

So i took the challenge and it was great and i have enjoyed it.

What did i do?

I started cycling to work and its been good as well as great exercise.

I dug a garden plot which is now finished and my little girl also took part and loved it,she loved it that much she told her teachers in school and they are now going to make a plot in the playground,which is encouraging.

I will now complete the back garden and have some radical plans for that.

I also visited an eco farm which was great and my little girl loved that too.

Now im also doing the washing at 30 degrees which is good.

Overall the experience has been great and not to hard to adapt to,its something we can all do and to teach our kids,im delighted that my babys teachers have also took this on board.

What can you do? Try something small at home,gardening was never something i done but took it up,and its a great pass time and kids enjoy it.

Cycling not only is fun but its an exercise,and a good exercise,these are just 2 examples of something simple yet effective.

Give it a go YOU have nothing to loose..

Below are just two photos i picked of the simple things i done.




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