A step back in time with the #NokiaN93


Been a longstanding nokia fan i personally own 85 Nokia devices In a singular collection.

Ive been a nokia fan since day one and always have been although admittedly i took a break for my own personal reasons but still continued to support nokia and always will.

My last nokia phone was the X7 which was a standout design and as usual with nokia it had a great form factor and it looked amazing,it really set the design field apart from the rest and recently we have seen an attempt quite similar to the design,but thats the way it rolls in this business.

From having the N8 that set the standard in mobile phone camera tech,and now we have the Nokia 808 pureview which again has set a new standard in this field.

The N93 also did back then,ive just picked one up to add to my collection and used it for a few days and even still today its a pretty good phone.

Big although it maybe look at todays phones,we all wanted small phones and we got them then we complained about battery life,which today is still holding back or lacking so to speak.

Well battery tech has come along way but the mobile phone is still ahead and battery tech is still on catch up.

So having used the N93 it somewhat amazed me for the time it was advanced and big,so what it had a leading design similar to the N92 which to myself was a phone in its own class,i own one but its dead.

The N93 was great it stood out from the crowd and i remember when i had one using it to record videos and take pictures and people would ask what camera is that,when i told them it was a nokia phone they where amazed,and rightly so.

This is where Nokia stand out from the crowd from back then until now we have had several amazing quality build phones such as N82 and the N8 .

Although this phone has been forgotten i thought  a nice gentle reminder would be nice and not to forget what nokia has given us.





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