Trapster For Windows Phone – #WindowsPhone #Trapster #SpeedCams

Your smartphone or tablet can now help you steer clear of road hazards that stymie traffic on South Florida roads every day. The makers of the traffic-warning app Trapster estimate thousands of new users around the world are downloading the app every day. “On average, we add between (8,000) and 10,000 new users a day,” explained Trapster’s product manager, Sean Farrell. “Some of our biggest cities are the major driving cities. Cities like New York, L.A. and Miami.”

Trapster for Windows Phone recently release to the Marketplace back April but you may have missed it.  The service will help drivers keep track or fixed and mobile speed camera zones.  Users of the service can log locations as they encounter them and the service will then track these on the back end.

Sadly however there is no offline mode so you will be using your data connection, all these types of apps should work offline, yes then you wont have real time info but that is ok, user can just synch with the service before they leave home, this is good enough for most.

Download by scanning the QR code below or clicking it from your PC/Laptop


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