Digital Silence in ear excellence

Recently i won a twitter competition with thanks to Digital Silence.

They have asked me to review their new in ear masterpieces and here it is.

Been an on the go type myself music in my pocket is essential.

Whats more essential is what i listen to it on,be it my one of  nokia lumia phones or what i decide to bring with me.

The other important thing is quality audio,without that you cant listen to music the way its meant to be heard.

Typically im not the bud type in ear guy i like the old fashioned ones or over heads.

Ive tried several pairs and they just cant stay in but to my amazement these did,so a thumbs up to these guys for making this work.

The audio quality is superb to say the least and also the design which impressed me.

The overall product design is fantastic and stands out from the rest,and the build quality is also in its own league.

Also they are extremely comfortable too,again important,after having them on for a couple of minutes you dont know they are there.

Overall i was very impressed by this new product by digital silence that has noise cancellation from Wolfson Microelectronics,the presentation of the goods again was also great.ImageImage

Music sounds fantastic the way it should and its an awesome sound experience,plus there is a 2YEAR warranty.

Check these out for yourself and be impressed.The pair I won is the DS-321D

You can check them out here

If you like you can also follow them on twitter here!/digital_silence

Again i wish to thank them for the prize and say well done on a great product.


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