Jelly Bean Video Walk Through – #Android #JellyBean

Alex Dobie of Android Central takes us through some of the new features of Android Jelly Bean.  I must say apart from the speed increase I’m not overwhelmed by this new version.  Perhaps as more details come out and more images/videos of the homescreen widgets I’ll change my mind.

It also remains to be seen as to how OEM skins such as Samsung’s TouchWiz will work in terms of speed, the stock OS can make use of triple buffering and all that jazz but will OEM skins be just as quick…time will tell.

Right now though…Google if this is your response to Windows Phone 8 then you are failing.


8 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Video Walk Through – #Android #JellyBean

    • Thanks for your unbiased comment 😉 Windows Phone has a journey yet to go but with its latest WP8 release the map of that journey is clear.

      Now, I am currently using an Android device, previously a Lumia 800, let me tell you the speed difference is something else, with WP way quicker. Android is not light weight by any means.

      You can also root your WP device if you know how, I bet many people too would argue that Android is beautiful, many would think not.

      The coming months and first Q of next year will really tell where all 3 major platforms sit, it is no longer a two horse race.

      Thanks for reading

  1. but even then Android has a lot more apps than windows Android is currently at 600,000 total apps while Windows Phone currently has 100,000 apps available for download…

    • This is true but keep in mind the length of time it took WP7 to get to 100k far far less than it took Android. The other issue with Play Market is that many of the apps are malware disguised as games etc which just doesn’t happen on WP Market.

      It will be interesting to see the figures at end of 2013 as I think WP will be up at around 200k or there abouts

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