Teenage SMS lingo explained

Do your kids, or one of your mates who just hasn’t grown up, use incomprehensible text talk when they type? Well the Text Genie is finally here to help.

There’s nothing worse than getting a text message that says, “Wer r u? W’ll bl8 if u dnt gt hr qk!!!” It basically says, “Where are you? We will be late if you don’t get here quick.” However, seeing as it takes you an extra ten minutes to figure out what in the name of God the message says, you end up late anyway – while also getting the blame.

Thankfully, the days of not understanding what ttyl or rofl mean are over thanks to this cool little app that’s fresh on the Android market. TextGenie, launched by developer DCML, deciphers the text language and slang from incoming SMS messages and translates them into plain old English. Handy, right?

Basically, the app draws on its 1,500-word dictionary of acronyms and phrases that are commonly used by teens and lazy people. You can also add in your own phrases, so if text genie doesn’t know the word you can simply add it yourself.

It seems like a handy little device which is sure to release a headache or two and at €1.13 on the Android marketplace you can’t go wrong.Image

source -joe.ie


One thought on “Teenage SMS lingo explained

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