Keep Alive For #WindowsPhone Sneaks Into the Marketplace – @wphonehacker

Keep Alive started life as a homebrew app developed by @wphonehacker of but has now sneaked itself into the Windows Phone Marketplace via some sneaky deception.

So grab it while you can, as it may not be there for long.

The Problem

Why you might ask would you need this app, well the problem with WindowsPhone is that when the phone is locked or idle the OS turns off Wifi.  This is a design feature according to Microsoft to save battery life, however it also means you dont get toasts and notifications….so much for staying connected.

The Solution

Keep Alive is a little app that you just start once and it will run in the background and will keep your connection on.

Some Issues

    1. While the app does appear to work as described I have noticed that it does stop working quite frequently and you have to start it again so this will need attentions – my device Nokia Lumia 800
    2. Not an issue per say but as this was not baked into the OS by Microsoft it may put undue strain on battery life but so far no issues but its something to monitor.


4 stars and a must for WP users, but please Mr developer take a look at the issue where it seems to stop working.




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