HP 7510 Photosmart Review – #HP #HP7510

We received in a HP Photosmart 7510 recently and have had a good play around with it, we dont normally do printer reviews so this will be a first.

The 7510 is an a-All in One device that features wireless printing via wireless from your PC/laptop or mobile device.


The printer features a few different layers in its design, the uppermost includes the automatic document feeder and tray. If you lift that layer you reveal the scanner’s glass platen. The second layer includes the glass platen, scanner, and color touch screen.

The 4.3-inch color touch screen is big and easy to navigate. HP calls it a “touch screen with gesturing.” The menu selections work as you would expect, the sliding menu bar works somewhat differently. It’s a repeating band of app icons that you can spin to the left or right, using a left-to-right gesture or a right-to-left gesture.

Scanning & Printing

In typical HP fashion the printing and scanning worked very well, even wireless printing worked straight away, normally this can cause issues.

One issue that I did have was with the special tray that holds the 10×6 paper, no matter what I did or how i inserted it I just could not get photos to print from it….however I am convinced that this was human error rather than the printer.

Printing speed was very good and normal text either B&W or colour printed very quickly and with excellent quality.

Photographs printed very well also and a normal 10×6 would print in about 20-30 seconds, however and again probably human error I could not get the image to fill the photo paper.  I did remove the option to print the white band for you to hold to stop pictures getting grubby but this did not resolve the issue.


I would recommend the HP 7510 to any home user or small office user, its a cost effective device and is very easy to use.

With Wifi on board and a many great features it shouldn’t let you down, but do check if you need a printer with an ethernet port, as this does not.


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