Apple Take Another Bite Out Of Samsung – #Apple #Samsung

Apple have just filed yet more devices by Samsung to try and get them removed from sale for breach of Apple’s IP.

The new devices are the Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III), the Verizon specific Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Note 10.1.

These devices will join the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, the Galaxy S II, the T-Mobile Galaxy S II, the AT&T Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Nexus, the Illusion, the Captivate Glide, the Exhibit II 4G, the Stratosphere, the Transform Ultra, the Admire, the Conquer 4G, and the Dart on the smartphone side, and the Galaxy Player 4.0, the Galaxy Player 5.0, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and theGalaxy Tab 8.9 tablets.

The patents Apple is claiming are being violated are:

So might thoughts on all this is that once the iPhone 5 releases is that every other OEM should take action against Apple if there is even a whiff of something stolen.

What do you think of the whole debacle…let us know

Sources: Reuters, AndroidCentral



One thought on “Apple Take Another Bite Out Of Samsung – #Apple #Samsung

  1. Its beyond a joke now with apple,they should spend time been innovative rather than seeking law suits,the judges must be sick of them at this stage,good to see samsung have victory of them in japan.Tasting your own medicine is never good..

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