The Nokia Lumia 820/920 Is born

The Nokia Lumia 920 brings a raft of technology firsts to the table, on top of all the great advantages offered by Windows Phone 8 and exceptional industrial design, making it our new flagship smartphone device and what we believe is the world’s most innovative phone.

Image is everything

This is the best camera we’ve ever put in a smartphone. It offers the latest in PureView technology to allow for photography in much lower light conditions than has ever been the case on a smartphone previously. This is combined with genuine Optical Image Stabilization for dramatically reduced blur and movement.

In the words of Nokia EVP for Smart Devices, Jo Harlow, the PureView technology found in the Lumia 920 makes “it possible for a smartphone camera to take the kind of images usually only seen on a standalone SLR camera”.

The Lumia 920 also features PureMotion HD+ display technology, powering its generous 4.5-inch screen with the fastest, brightest, most-sensitive and highest resolution display ever seen in this market.

More power; more speed

Power management for smartphones reaches unprecedented levels of usability with our largest ever battery (2000mAh). And now wireless charging – available on both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 – makes topping up your power level faster and more convenient than ever before, both at home and in the office, and at venues such as cafes and airport lounges.

Our second Windows Phone 8 device is the Nokia Lumia 820. Here again, you’ll be able to experience all the new features of the platform in a stunningly designed package, a 4.3-inch screen, and the same fantastic performance levels offered by the 1.5GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 processor common to each device. The Lumia 820 meets the needs of the modern phone user with an exchangeable shell design for sports, going out with friends or staying charged the whole day.

Finding the future

On the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, our signature Location apps are extended and made more powerful:

  • Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 8 is going to work offline and will integrate walk navigation, an augmented reality view and venue maps.
  • We’ve refreshed Nokia Transport to support search history, to get automatic over-the-air coverage updates, to be more user friendly and to integrate Nokia Maps walk navigation.
  • Nokia City Lens is even better on Lumia powered by Windows Phone 8: you can now decide to get information only about the places in your line of sight and pin category tiles to the start screen.

Location on the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 get a further, hardware-based boost with autonomous assisted GPS and GLONASS receivers. This means that you can see yourself on a map within seconds, even when you’re offline

Our new Lumia phones come in a wide and vivid range of colours. The Nokia Lumia 920 comes in yellow, red, grey, white and black. The Nokia Lumia 820 goes two steps further with yellow, red, grey, cyan, purple, white and black models.

Both phones will be available in select markets in pentaband LTE and HSPA+ variants later this year. Prices and release dates will be revealed in separate, later announcements.

There’s a lot to take in here. And we’ll be covering each part of these announcements in separate, detailed posts and videos. Stay tuned over the next days to learn more about latest in PureView, wireless charging, Location, PureMotion HD+ and to see the two new devices in more detail

No more cables

Now you can boost your Nokia Lumia’s battery without plugging it in. Nokia Lumia 920 has wireless charging built-in. And you can charge Nokia Lumia 820 wirelessly by adding on a Wireless Charging Shell.

Our energy-efficient wireless chargers come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you can pick one to match your phone.

Best of all, they’re all Qi-compatible, which means you can use any wireless charger you like. And your friends can share yours too.

One thing for sure is i will be getting both to add to my already huge nokia collection,stay tuned for further updates..

Source -Nokiaconversations

Nokia Lumia 920 video

Nokia Lumia 820 video

Nokia Pureview the next innovation

Nokia Wireless Charging shell – CC-3041



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