Parking Defenders For Windows Phone – #WindowsPhone #Android #iOS @ParkingD

Not sure how I missed this little gem of an app but Parking Defenders will change the way you think about finding a parking space again.  Essentially when you park, you tell people via the app that you have parked in XYZ location and that you will be leaving in 1 hour.  People can then see your check in and request your space, thats it, they even know the make and colour of your car.

This is a seriously well thought out app and looks amazing, it reminds me of Hailo which sadly is not available on Windows Phone but hopefully soon.

Check your app store for the app, its on iOS and Android also.

What exactly is Parking Defenders?

Parking Defenders is a breakthrough mobile application designed for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android smartphones that intends to transform the nightmare of parking in metropolitan areas to a game.

How does Parking Defenders work?

Through Parking Defenders each user can offer his parking spot to the rest of the users (whenever he keeps the Defender role) or find a parking spot for himself by claiming a spot another user is offering (this time keeping the Seeker part). The application is particularly user friendly user friendly even to those who are not addicted to their smartphone.

Why log in the application through my facebook or twitter account?

To begin with, because it is easier and less time-consuming. What is more, because it gives us the chance to protect our users from those who do not intend to use the app for its initial purpose. However, there is always the option of using your e-mail to login instead.

Why should someone offer his parking spot?

Great philosophers claim that in order to take something in life you need to give something first!! For Parking Defenders offering your parking spot gives you valuables points to use when you are in need of parking spot.

When I make an Offer can the others users see who I am and where exactly I have parked?

The answer is No! The rest of the users can only see that one Defender is offering a spot in an area covering a few blocks and when exactly he is going to free the spot. The only person that will learn who you are and where exactly is your current parking spot is the Seeker you have chosen to offer the spot to.

Should I wait for the Seeker to arrive and leave my parking spot afterwards?

To get the points you are entitled to after finishing an Offer you just have to wait until the time you declared when you made the Offer ends. For example the moment you indicate that you will free your spot in 5 minutes the app starts a 5-minute countdown. When the countdown is over you are ready to go. Of course, being super-polite and waiting for the Seeker to arrive means that he will probably give you a super rating in reward!

When I make a Request for a parking spot what does the Defender learn for me?

The Defender is able to see your profile picture, your name and the first letter of your surname (eg: Catherine D.), your rating in the app and of course your actual distance from the spot at the time of the Request. If he accepts your Request he learns your exact position and shortly before you arrive in the spot we disclose what car you are driving (so that he knows who to wait for!!).

I parked! Is there anything else I have to do?

Parking Defenders strongly believes in Fair Play! We think that people who use the app correctly should be rewarded for it. So, when you park please remember to rate the Defender. If he left the spot when he was supposed to, if he waited for you to come, if he smiled at you, rate him positively and help him take the next parking spot he needs! He deserves it, right?

Does the app offer me any extras?

Sure! The app gives you information about traffic and available paid-parking in your area of interest (in case you do not manage to find a spot through Parking Defenders). At the same time you can take advantage of special offers for our users and if you are lucky you might win one of our famous contests!

Why should I defend?

We have a lot of arguments that answer that particular question but we will use only one. Remember how you felt the last time you vainly searched for a parking spot for half an hour while you much better things to do? Become a Defender so that you‘ll never have to experience that again!


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