Irelands first Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Well its been a long wait but finally the Nokia Lumia 920 has finally landed.

And before I go any further it was made possible by Wayne Spillett from Nokia support discussions, in which I’m a long time member, and a big hello to all the other members there too.

Well my package was due monday, but by some chance it arrived yesterday which was even better and it was the long awaited Yellow Nokia Lumia 920.

I’ve spent some considerable time on it in the past 24 hrs so its not a full review but a quick walk through.


So its in it typical lumia styled box, well presented as always.

Package contents are a plug, usb cable, simtray pin, yellow earphones and instructions, no spare bumper included this time round.

So I have ordered one myself for safety sake, I don’t want to get it marked, nor do i want to hide its beauty so my advice is to buy a gel case of some description

Looks huge doesn’t it, well its not, its that bright yellow, it fits in hand perfectly and the bigger screen is a joy to watch videos on or browse the web.


So I’ve already  purchased Windows 8 plus a brand new laptop on release so they look well together, next thing was to sync all my files from PC to this beautiful phone, it went very quick I was mighty impressed, although I’m finding W8 somewhat laggy in certain point, a discussion for another day that one.

From having all the lumia models already finding my way around the 920 was no issue at all, so anyone who has the 900 or 800 will be at ease and will navigate through this simply.

So what have I tried and tested? Almost everything and a tune up so I could use the phone immediately.

Viewing videos and photos are splendid the speaker quality is great, sound is crystal clear and the music player is fantastic, using earphones is even better the quality is simply amazing, which is a must for me, I like my music on the go, and this certainly puts some others to shame in this department.

The maps are great only used them for a few minutes but they are impressive indeed, again the bigger screen makes navigation more pleasurable.

My main app would be Twitter, quality Twitter apps such as Mehdoh and Twabbit again bring a fast smooth Twitter experience credit to the developers, myself and Colm have been using these Twitter clients from day one.


Also Viber is a great app and very popular but has had some issues of late but seems ok now. Sadly only messaging is working for now, voice calls are not working, but as a free messaging app its good.Voice calls will here soon for lumia,there is two versions,one from nokia and one from viber.

The home screen customization is fantastic live tiles, which can be re-sized and organised, and again simple for pinning your favorite apps to the home screen.

I’m not really app mad but there is plenty to choose from typically i use Twitter, Foursquare, Tripadvisor and news apps, again plenty of them to choose from.

Camera and video quality is amazing I took some video samples and camera samples today and again blown away by the performance so if your a camera fan and want a great phone with a great camera this is for you.

So that is a basic quick round up of day one on the 920, been a busy day so if you have any questions just ask.

Still no official release date in Ireland, the networks don’t know, we have asked them all so we will keep in touch and post accordingly when we get news, until then goodbye..thanks for reading.



18 thoughts on “Irelands first Nokia Lumia 920 Review

  1. Looks fantastic! My few questions are:

    – Does the music player has folders option? MP3 are often not tagged resulting scattered songs which can’t be played as a single cd album. Playing folders is then great solution, something that as far as I know Android has,
    – I like Nokia N8, but I can’t make macro photos. Xperia T is brilliant in that matter, you can have a bee macro. I read focus is 8cm to infinity on Lumia 920, but it would be great if you can give in depth thoughts about this particular macro mode. It’s something I didn’t find covered in any reviews up to date and I checked most of them,
    – battery on my N8 is extremely poor. Is Lumia’s battery performance as good as SG S3?

    Many thanks Jim.

    • Thanks for quick reply.

      Folder view – great! One more reason to have it. Camera is very important to me. N8 camera is great but it takes ages before it turnes on and more often than not it freezes. Plenty of bias reviews out there, I should stop reading them since I almost made my choice.

  2. After using it for few days will you confirm or deny battery life being not that impressive? If it can last only few hours while on the web, using camera, apps or simply reading a book, then it’s SG S3 for me. Will you be posting full review soon? I’m looking forward to it. Thanks!

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