Halo 4 Launches – #Ireland #Halo4 #Microsoft #Xbox

Ireland’s Technology Blog was in attendance last night for a press social event to launch Master Chief in his latest adventure – Halo 4.

Taking place in Dublin’s 4 Dame Lane the venue was packed with about 200 people that happily fragged them selves silly into the night on the many gaming pods setup.

I can happily report to you that Halo 4 is really the business and despite changing development company from Bungie to 343 Industries Microsoft’s Halo 4 is amazing.

Not only was yours truly at the event but you will never guess who showed up and sporting an amazing yellow Nokia Lumia 920….yes ITB’s other intrepid blogger Jimbo.

Now is it just me or do you think Jimbo could be Master Chief himself, I never saw them in the same room at the same time last night.

The PR company in charge laid out a nice spread and even a free bar for people, however I would say this to Microsoft, you should have seen the disappointment on peoples faces when they did not get a copy of the game.

So tell us, did you wait up until midnight to get your copy, have you played it all night and are now skipping work or school (don’t skip school)…what do you think of the latest..let us know.



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