Nokia Transport updates for WP8, WP7 and Symbian



We’re taking our commitment to regular updates for our location apps very seriously and a good example is Nokia Transport (aka Nokia Transit in North America), which has been recently redesigned with a more intuitive and glance-able interface, specifically for Windows Phone 8. Today we’re also introducing a new beta version of Nokia Transport for Windows Phone 7, with a very similar feature set and design. We are also introducing an update to Nokia Transport for Symbian.


What’s new in Nokia Transport for Windows Phone 7 and 8?

The most obvious update to Nokia Transport is the improved interface – we believe it’s going to be even easier and more intuitive to use. We’ve introduced a new segment map that provides a detailed map view for each part of your route. Just tap or swipe a specific segment of your journey to open a map and a detail view that lets you easily see where you are and where you need to be. Another tap or swipe collapses the view.

1a---New-Interface 1b---New-Interface

Because we know that you might want to plan in advance, for instance when meeting friends for dinner, with the new Nokia Transport for Windows Phone you can do that. Simply enter the date and your departure time in the time picker to view your route options, and then select the route that works best for you. Now you know what time you need to leave, the station you need to get to, and the train you need to catch.

2a---Schedule-Options 2b---Metres-vs-Miles

We’re also introducing more options for you to tailor Nokia Transport to your needs. Not only can you now choose to display distances in miles or kilometres, but you can also decide how to be informed about departure times. Some of us like knowing the exact time a train leaves, while others like knowing how much time we have until the train leaves to adjust their walking or departure time. Now you can choose to display departure times either by actual times (e.g. 2:48pm), or relative times (e.g. now or in 13 minutes).

Last but not least, Nokia Transport for Windows Phone now makes it easier to find your previous destinations and lets you easily delete your destination history if you prefer to keep it clean.

3a---Departure-Times 3b---Departure-Times

If you have a Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8, make sure to update Nokia Transport from the Windows Phone Store to the latest version (v 3.0). If you have a Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 7 and you want to test these new features before anyone else, justgo to Nokia Beta Labs and download Nokia Transport beta (v 3.1)now, but don’t forget to provide your precious feedback.

What’s new in Nokia Transport for Symbian?

Today, we’re also introducing a beta version of Nokia Transport for Symbian with a better user experience and search function, but most importantly with the ability to get coverage update over the air. This means that you don’t have to download a new application every time we extend the areas where Nokia Transport works. If you want to try it now, go to Nokia Beta Labs and download the beta.

Where does Nokia Transport work?

Nokia Transport is available in over 550 cities and 53 countries worldwide and our coverage is constantly growing. If you want to know in which urban areas Nokia Transport is available and where we can also provide timetable information, just check our comprehensive city coverage page.  

What do you think about these updates to Nokia Transport? Let us know in the comment section below or send a Tweet to@heremaps.



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