Nokia Lumia 920 1 Week On – #Nokia #Lumia920 #WindowsPhone8

WP_20121212It has been approximately one week now since ITB bought an amazing white Lumia 920, I like to call it snow white personally…not sure what the official white name is.  This is my account of my first week with the device, I wont be going into the OS and the ins and outs in too much detail as by now many of you already now well about Windows Phone 8

To say that I was excited when the package arrived would be an understatement, I almost had to leave the office early just to get my hands on it.  Coming in quite a typical and unassuming Nokia packaging, however once opened and you see this device with its smooth rounded curves to it’s expertly molded CBD screen you begin to understand just how important quality hardware and build materials are.WP_20121212 4

The 920 is an amazing looking device period, not just for a Nokia but for any phone on the market.  The pillow style device just looks so cool when left sitting face up or down on any table or desk and so far has never failed to draw attention and questions.

So you ask, how has it been, well….its been epic and it looks set to continue that way.  Over the years Ive used every phone from dumb phone to smart phone, from my first Nokia 3210 to my new Lumia 920 and all the Android’s, Maemo’s, MeeGo’s and even iOS in-between.  I have never been more comfortable or happy with a device as I have been at this point.

My last main device was a Lumia 800 and that is also a brilliant piece of kit, the screen however now seems unbelievably small when I pick it up, but yet still more hold-able due to its smaller size.


WP_20121212 4The 920 you would think would perform pretty much the same as any current generation WP7.x device perhaps with just a small decrease in load times.  But no this is not the case…..its a MASSIVE decrease in load times, I am zipping around menus, jumping in and out of apps quicker than I have EVER done on any device.  Windows Phone 8 OS just works, plain and simple, there are no stutters, no wait times, you push something and the response is instant.

Imagine going from a Porche Boxster to a Porche 911 Turbo, that’s the boost WP8 gives, I leave my Android mocking mates in my dust, none can match the speed of WP8…NONE.

User Interface

WP8 the OS is going to draw heated debate from all corners, most think it looks amazing and super slick but some will think its perhaps too flat…this is a personal choice for people.

However when you compare the OS with for example Android and you compare even the simplest of apps such as the Contacts App you begin to see how much more modern an OS WP8 over Android.  The Android contacts app is drab, full of duplication despite built in features and apps to stop this.  With WP8 I can click a contact and see all there details cleanly, I can IM them, email them, phone them, Skype them…all much easier than on Android.WP_20121212 5

The new homescreen on WP8 is a dream to use, WP7 was great but this is a whole new level, the amount of customization you can do is limitless it seems…just check out for loads of examples.  Swiping left into the app list brings a single vertical list of apps that can be scrolled easily with one hand and contains quick jump letters to quickly get to your app.  With Android and iOS you will have to swipe through loads of screens and horrible static icons to find your app and depending on the size of your screen your thumb may not easily reach that icon.


The Lumia 920 features Nokia’s latest in Pureview technology and while its not quite there with the Symbian 808 Purview is still miles better than arguably all other smartphones.  Night time shots without a flash are simply amazing, you have to experience it to understand.

WP_20121212 2Yes day time shots can come off a little worse for detail but this is reportedly going to get fixed with a software update.  On the whole I have never experienced a camera phone better than it other than the 808.

Apps Apps Everywhere?


Yes…..Windows Phone 8 has thousands of apps, don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t, you may not find all the apps you have been used to on Android but you will find loads very similar that use the same services.  Think about it this way, how many core apps do you really use, Twitter, Facebook are probably the two key apps for most people and these are well catered for.  Yes you will be missing some apps such as Instacrime…err Instagram but by all accounts this will come.

So don’t let what some media outlets think about it having no apps put you off…you will have loads of apps, and one to correspond with what you have now for about 90% of them.

Stupid Myths

The biggest myth or false reporting about the Lumia 920 is its weight, many online sites have put this as an issue…one even stating not to buy it if I recall.  This phone is NOT heavy, its heavier than say a Galaxy Note or a Galaxy S3 but both these phones would probably blow out of your hand on a windy day…the Lumia 920 wont.

WP_20121212 3Its actually the perfect weight, its rock solid, I know if I drop it that it wont smash into a billion tiny pieces.  I know that if I needed to knock someone out with it I could throw it at their head and it would knock them out…..only kidding….it would though.

I think the weight issue is a very US issue…they have had so much plastic cheap light junk designs over the years they just cant handle a heavier devices.

Fact is, I have a baby at home…if he can hold the 920 then so can you…go on it will put muscles on you……its not heavy people it really isn’t.


So to sum things up, if you want an amazing device, with outstanding camera, a slick OS that will allow you to smoke your droid and iPhone loving mates then get a Windows Phone Lumia 920.

The apps on WP8 look far nicer than on other OSes for the equivalent apps and the developer community is thriving and very responsive in social media to users.

I give you…the Nokia Lumia 920

Overall 9/10

WP_20121206 1   SkyDrive WP_20121206 2 WP_20121206 1


10 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 1 Week On – #Nokia #Lumia920 #WindowsPhone8

  1. Amaizing! It’s arriving to Mexico and it’s a great phone. The camera feature is incredible I can take pictures and edit that in my #Lumia920. Beside NokiaMusic is a good music option to listen everyday in everywhere.

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