Nabi 2 Unboxing and Initial Thoughts – #Nabi #Tablets #Android #Tegra #Nabi2


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Tablets are all the rage these days from iPads to Nexus tabs and all the others in-between, and for those of us with little ones running around this presents us with a problem.  Do we let them get their sticky little fingers on our gadgets, our phones and tablets……not mine if I can help it.

WP_20121218_005This is where the Nabi 2 comes into play, its designed for kids, the Nabi 1 originally released to critical appraise and the Nabi 2 improves again on this with Quad-Core processors and Tegra 3.

Retail Package

The packaging the Nabi 2 is sold in, is of excellent quality.  Good quality protective form and some excellent artwork on the box.  Instructions are clearly laid out and easy to read for a child. WP_20121218_007

Included in the box is a mains charger, a data cable and a USB plug, it would have been nice to have included a HDMI cable but these are cheap enough.

Hardware Specifications

  • 7 inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen  with 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor
  • 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of Flash Storage
  • 2-megapixel front-facing camera with 720p video.
  • Other features include both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity,  a microSD card slot, micro USB 2.0 port, mini HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone and a 3,850mAh lithium-ion battery that’s charged via a DC connector.


Initial Setup

The initial setup is simple and guides you through setting up the Nabi 2 for your kids and also gives you piece of mind by allowing you to setup a Mammy or Daddy mode which locks the kids out of the full fat Android ICS.WP_20121218_011 (1)

Performance of the Nabi 2 is brilliant, as slick as any high priced Android tablet and even the latest iPad. Just moving through menus is super smooth.  Only yesterday I used a neighbors Scroll Excell II, a cheap €150 Android 4.0 tablet, it was a nightmare, you push a key, you wait 2 seconds then the letter appears….with the Nabi 2 its instant.

As expected there is some manufacture wares on board such as the Nabi Market, but sadly as these tablets are not approved by Google there is no play store…however you can hack this on…a simple install of the APK is not enough.WP_20121218_010

Lots of good games are included, such as Angry Birds and Jet Ski Racing so lots there for the kiddie, and thankfully some good learning apps too.


I will spend lots more time with this over Christmas and report back after the holidays…..but so far things are very promising.WP_20121218_013

You can buy the Nabi 2 from Smyths Toys for €199


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