Ubuntu For Phones – The Sailfish and Tizen Killer or Just A Pebble In The Ocean – #Ubuntu #Sailfish #Tizen


Canonical today announced that it will show its latest OS for Phones at this years CES between the 8th and 11th January.

This is not Ubuntu For Android, this is Ubuntu For Phone, a purpose built OS from the ground up.  Recently the MeeGo splinter group who formed as Jolla showed their new OS #Sailfish in an awkward but endearing reveal however now I think they may be fearing for their existence.

What you will see in the below 64 second video is a slick, well thought out and modern OS that will allow developers to adjust their HTML5 web apps to run or to built apps natively.

“Ubuntu is the world’s favourite Linux distribution. In fact, thousands of web and mobile developers already use it every day, so it’s natural to expect those apps to make their way to Ubuntu.

As well as providing a fast, uncluttered experience on the phone, a great Ubuntu app – whether web or native – can support the traditional PC desktop right alongside the handset.”

What do you think of this initial promo of Ubuntu For Mobile, will it be the Tizen and Jolla killer….so far and have seen nothing of Tizen it may well be.



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