Comreg has blocked Slovenia scam number

Communications watchdog, ComReg today warned the public to beware after thousands of people received what appeared to be missed calls on their mobiles but turned out to be a premium rate number based in Slovenia.

These people found a number that started with the prefix 386 on their phone as a missed call with no voice message.

This number, however, turned out to be a premium rate number that emanated in Slovenia and those that called it back – often mistaking it for an 086 number were charged premium rates.

Some of the those who returned the calls were cut off as soon as the original connection was made while others were connected to telephone sex lines.

ComReg has since blocked the line and warned people to beware of scammers.

A spokesman said that such scams “pop up from time to time and are not unique to this jurisdiction. Once they happen we are in contact with the providers and can react very quickly in having the originating numbers blocked.”

Also they have been in talks with the operators here and people who fell victim will not be charged.



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