Noelle For Windows Phone 7/8 Fix Coming Soon, Beta Working – #WindowsPhone8 @kennedyneil

wp_ss_20130204_0001 Noelle is an app that will allow you to utilize your carrier’s web text system direct from your phone.

Noelle is one of three such apps on Windows Phone, the others being Webtextr abd Sendu which both do not work thanks to the carriers.

Up to know Vodafone and other carrier’s have implemented various user verification methods such as Captcha which basically break the apps.

Noelle uses scripts developed by Cabbage Texter which only just recently created a workaround for this issue.

I have taken it upon myself as a some what personal issue to try and get these apps working again and thankfully Neil Kennedy  the developer of Noelle has been able to get his app to work.

The version shown here as tested by Ireland’s Technology Blog is currently in Beta but hopefully all going well it will be pushed to full release. wp_ss_20130204_0005

It’s thanks to developers like Neil that we can get quality useful apps like this working again when carrier companies implement restrictive security measures.

Security measures are great and absolutely needed but why do the carriers not create a web texting app themselves, they give us 600 free sms’s a month but no way to use them on a phone.


So things are looking good again….thanks Neil


6 thoughts on “Noelle For Windows Phone 7/8 Fix Coming Soon, Beta Working – #WindowsPhone8 @kennedyneil

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  2. will the fix for blackberry be released as well? Would love to have this app working again on my playbook….

    • Hey there….unfortunately carriers like O2 and Vodafone change things and break apps like this, I know for Vodafone its definitely broke, and for Three its working. I would contact @kennedyneil on Twitter as he is the developer and let him know your troubles.

  3. Any chance of an update on this. Now that Cabbage is working. Was great app when it worked. Well done till now. I’m n Vodafone Irl.

    • This post is quite old now, Vodafone only in recent days seem to have removed the verification step. It certainly work on Three which I am on now. Try it again today but id imagine the developer may need to do a small update.

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