O2 Ireland Gets Greener – #O2 #Ireland #Smartphones #Chargers

htc-one-800O2 Ireland have finally decided not to continue selling chargers with their phones, the pilot of this will be with the HTC One X+.

O2 are hoping that users will opt to re-use their current charging method as most phones these days with the major exception of Apple products come with the same charge port.

This is a good idea but I wonder will it be as much of an issue moving forward if conductive charging takes off like we all hope it does.  For example one charging mat or pillow could charge multiple phones, an entire household worth of phones in fact.

Time will tell but below are some quotes from O2 Ireland:

There is a big environmental cost to producing multiple, often redundant chargers” O2 Ireland consumer director Ashley Cook explained.

I believe that, as mobile phones have become more prevalent, we as retailers and manufacturers have an ever greater responsibility to be a more sustainable industry. I am delighted that we are pioneering a more environmentally friendly and charger-free approach with such an impressive device” Cook said.



One thought on “O2 Ireland Gets Greener – #O2 #Ireland #Smartphones #Chargers

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