Speculation: Molome To Join The Nokia Fold – #Molome #Nokia

Twitter   nuuneoi  Just finished meeting with ...This is pure speculation but something interesting came down Twitter line just now, @nuuneoi the creator of popular Instagram alternative Molome just had a meeting with Nokia’s Stephen Elop.

As I said pure speculation as Molome is multi-platform but what if Nokia was thinking of buying out Molome as their alternative to Instagram.

Molome is coming to Windows Phone 8 soon but no no sign of it yet other than these sneaky images which are getting more common.

Molome if my memory serves me right began life on Nokia hardware so there is a link their. If Molome had the backing of Nokia and Microsoft and seeing as how it does everything Instagram does this really would be a great alternative.

Is this likely….probably not as I said its just me speculating, Molome is WP8 bound anyway so why do this now….money perhaps, perhaps not.


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