Neptune Pine – An Independent SmartWatch – #Smartwatch #NeptunePine @neptunepine

neptunepineNeptune Computer Inc. is a Canadian startup company that designs, develops, and sells wearable computers. Established in Montreal, QC in 2012, the company focuses on delivering innovative products and aims to become an industry leader in the competitive field of wearable technology.

The company is currently developing and focusing its efforts on the Neptune Pine, a fully-functional smartwatch that is planned for release in the third quarter of 2013.

The device runs a modified version of Android called Leaf OS, and is powered by a 1 Ghz single-core ARM Cortex-A9.

The smartwatch will allow you to insert your micro sim and operate fully independent from your smartphone, although why someone would do this I dont know.  I personally would keep my sim in my phone and just use this to augment my experience.

The Pine has all the features of a modern-day smartphone; you can make and receive phone calls, shoot video, take pictures, check your email, browse the web, listen to your music, and much more; all independently without the presence of a smartphone.


With the Pine smartwatch, you can conveniently keep up with your social networks, read news articles, browse the entire Web; all right from your wrist.




The Neptune Pine smartwatch comes with a full QWERTY keyboard that has been designed to fit the 2.4-inch display so that individual keys have the same dimensions as those found on the Apple iPhone; allowing you to easily post your status, send short messages, and conduct web searches.

Not only does the Pine smartwatch feature all of the standard connectivity that comes with a smartphone such as quad-band GSM, 3G, 802.11 Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0; the smartwatch also boasts a digital compass and a FM radio.



For more info and full tech specs head over to here and hopefully soon we may get a review device


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