Jolla’s ‘Unlike’ Will Do Them Damage Long Term – #Jolla #Sailfish #MeeGo

175102-sailfishosdemoFirstly let me start this piece by saying that I have a lot of time for Jolla and what they are doing.  This amazing group of talented people have broken away from the industry norm and have taken what Nokia started and are developing something I hope will be great.

Unfortunately my hope may just be that, hope !

When Jolla first publicly displayed Sailfish to the world it was an awkward, sometimes flawed but always endearing launch.  You came away with the sense that this group of people really cared about what they did and what they can do for you.

Now, onto the main point of this post, the fly in the ointment lets say, its Jolla’s ‘Unlike’ slogan.  I truly believe that they need and must change this, the public at large will associate this as a bad reference to the Jolla product.  I’m not talking about the tech industry or the geeks who loved Maemo/MeeGo and I include myself there. Im talking about Joe public, Facebook has forever changed terms such as ‘Like’, ‘Unlike’ and ‘Friend’ and ‘Unfriend’.Jolla-Sailfish-OS

The normal everyday public will just not see past a slogan such as #Unlike being attributed to a product, they wont wait to see the next bit such as ‘Unlike…..Anything Else’.

Considering what we have seen post Jolla launch in Ubuntu and now BlackBerry 10, Sailfish looked pretty drab.  While obviously not finished they need to ensure their image is perceived as one of greatness while they polish their product.

If sailfish comes to market and its not much different to what we have seen already and Ubuntu and Blackberry 10 take off then scores of people all over the web will use the ‘Unlike’ tag against Jolla.

So Jolla, please consider this, please change this.

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21 thoughts on “Jolla’s ‘Unlike’ Will Do Them Damage Long Term – #Jolla #Sailfish #MeeGo

  1. I prefer Jolla as it is #UNLIKE Nokia, unlike Apple, unlike Microsoft and some other unlike. Unlike for me mean more different and something new. Electric car, unlike a gasoline one. Solar panel, unlike coal power plant. Etc. etc. Is it negative? In the same way as a progress is negative – it is unlike so far. Question is what meaning will be given to this, not what word will be used.

    • Well you have answered my point exactly…what meaning will be put on this and normal everyday consumers will attribute the term ‘Unlike’ in the negative sense in my mind. As I mention Facebook is ubiquitous with ‘Like’ and ‘Unlike’ so ‘Unlike’ is usually seen as negative.

      You list some references to “Unlike Coal” yes…but a Jolla phone will be on a billboard with the term #Unlike next to it…it just looks bad in my mind….if they used #UnlikeEverything or something like that it would mean more to the consumer.

      Thanks for viewing and getting in touch, all comments are very welcomed.

  2. Jolla has appreciated China – unlike others. It is a question of approach, not a question of marketing. Jolla appreciated customers needs – unlike Nokia did with loyal from years devoted Symbian&MeeGo fans. Everything can be negative if will fail. I want to believe in positive aspects of Jolla unlikeness. 🙂 I want, I can, I will. 😉 unlike

    • Yes they do…but China is a very hard market to break due to political issues and the rest. Everything is a question of marketing, the company that thinks marketing doesn’t matter is dead on arrival. If you asked 50 people on the street at random have they heard of Jolla I would say less than 10 would have heard of them…outside of finland anyway

  3. For me unlike means something different or something that is not common or usual. I thought “to not like” is “dislike”. Of course, I am not a native speaker so I might be wrong.

    • Hi r0gu

      In findland the use of English like this may make sense but in UK and other parts it really doesn’t, if they had used #ItsUnlike then perhaps….China is a big market for Jolla….I dread to think how they will perceive it

      • Ive been wondering how is it possible to have so negative connotations to unlike. I would have thought Marc Dillon to oppose the use of it in such a case.

    • Hey Ross,

      Thanks for the comment and I fully agree with out…outside of the context it was meant for it will look like somebody wants you to Unlike Jolla. People on the street will give a glancing stare to a billboard and all they will remember is Unlike and think no…someone doesn’t like Jolla.

      First impressions last….that’s the old saying

      • There were a few others, all with a similar narrative…
        The entire marketing campaign had mostly finished by the time this one was uploaded.

        Entire campaign lasted for 3mth tops, maybe slightly less, as Nokia was already strongly shifting towards the Lumia branding.
        (even though the Lumias were still a long way from arriving in China)

  4. You have a point there, someone could really think its something negative, I have seen that people doesn’t get the same idea as the developers when they see “unlike”. For me unlike means something different, unusual. The negative word #unlike should be said “dislike”, shoudn’t it?

  5. 1 out of 100 outside Finland would be a big suprise to me. They seem to have some publicity in Italy. Marketing, or the lack of it, can be a handicap. After revealing the product, Twitter is not sufficient anymore. I doubt that their cash reserves are enough for full scale marketing campaign;they need some major partners for that. And clever guerrilla marketing.
    Political issues is one of the main reasons they could succeed imho. Look at what China has done with Google. Or what US government has publicly stated of ZTE and huawei network businesses. Android, ios and WP are US based, maybe Firefox could be thought to be also from US. Tizen is Korean and China is not really in terms with S Korea. Ubuntu seema to be least connected in political terms. Nokia at least used to be in good terms with Chinese government.

  6. Torral is absolutely correct, ‘dislike’ is not the same as ‘unlike’. It’s worth a go, if the technology is good and more commitment than Nokia given, a name like Jolla could soon be as common as Blackberry!

  7. #Unlike _may_ not be the best slogan if they’re going for a 90% market share, but they are probably a bit more realistic. I think that there’s enough Unlike people to get a really good start. Once you’re established, you can start to grow the numbers.

  8. Totally agree about ‘unlike’ by itself but even with context, you’re defining your product by what it is not rather than what it is.

    Lots of people are quite happy with the competition’s phones and Jolla are saying they are unlike the products many people are happy with. Risky.

  9. Actually Jolla is doing well with word of mouth marketing. Their choice of wording ‘Unlike’ has got people talking and this will filter down to the consumer. In the Dictionary/Thesaurus:

    Definition: antagonism, hatred toward something
    Synonyms: animosity, animus, antipathy, aversion, deprecation, detestation, disapprobation, disapproval, disesteem, disfavor, disgust, disinclination, displeasure, dissatisfaction, distaste, enmity, hostility, indisposition, loathing, objection, offense, opposition, prejudice, repugnance,

    Definition: different
    Synonyms: apples and oranges, chalk and cheese, clashing, conflicting, contradictory, contrary, contrasted, discordant, disharmonious, disparate, dissimilar, dissonant, distant, distinct, divergent, diverse, far cry from, heterogeneous, hostile, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent, mismatched, not alike, offbeat, opposed, opposite, poles apart, separate, unalike, unequal, unrelated, variant, various, weird

  10. Nah it’s a poor choice of wording, it’ll too easily be misconstrued/misunderstood in some countries/cultures…
    It might serve them well for word of mouth marketing in the very early days, but when the chips are really down, that’s when it’ll start to become a net negative.

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