Irish Made ‘Lonely Beast’ app featured on US Apple TV ad – #ChrisJudge #LonelyBeast #Apple

The Irish made app called Lonely Beast features in Apple’s new U.S TV advert for the iPad.  Written and illustrated by Chris Judge the app helps children learn their ABC’s.

Chris spoke to and said:

amazing, because the app itself was made just by the three of us

The Lonely Beast ABC for iPhone and iPad is a flash card app for kids based on Chris Judge’s award-winning children’s book, The Lonely Beast.Chris has created 26 new interactive hand-drawn scenes featuring the Beast and his friends, to help kids learn the alphabet, discover new words and have heaps of fun all at the same time.

From (fully playable) musical instruments and dancing robots, to spinning bow ties and laughing monkeys, this is a very hands-on journey through the alphabet.

To demonstrate our commitment to cutting edge technology, the app also includes a fully operational light switch. Put together in a shed at the end of a garden, the three-man team in charge of The Lonely Beast ABC have created a uniquely designed and illustrated app, sure to trigger lots of giggles in children of all ages.”

  • Voiceover by the author of The Lonely Beast
  • Packed with lots of stuff to tap and swipe
  • Fully playable drums and xylophone
  • Original music by Simon Judge
  • Visual and audio feedback for letters
  • 6 different types of hat

The Lonely Beast ABC is available on iTunes for €2.69



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