YotaPhone, Party On The Front, Business On The Back, Or Is It – #YotaPhone #Android #DualScreen

yota2This is the YotaPhone by Yota Devices, its a dual screen Android phone with a slight twist, one of the screens is a traditional LCD and the other is an e-Ink.

YotaPhone’s two screens are linked together to open a new world of unlimited user experiences. It allows you to effortlessly stream information to the electronic paper display, without draining battery power or having to wake up the phone.

Today if you want to check an SMS or your social media page, you have to pick it up, turn it on, open the application and only then can you receive the information.  With the YotaPhone, this information appears on the EPD effortlessly and continuously.

The electronic paper display is your personal space for notifications, social media, reading news as it happens or simply displaying your favorite pictures.



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