Nokia JBL PlayUp Speaker Review – #Nokia #JBL #Playup #Audio #NFC

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JBL PlayUp In Yellow

JBL PlayUp In Yellow

The JBL PlayUp speaker by Nokia arrived recently to ITB and having been previously converted from Samsung to Nokia I decided to try it out with my new Nokia Lumia 820 as I love using Mix Radio.

Paring the phone to the speaker couldn’t  be easier and takes a couple of seconds to do.  I used the online streaming service of Nokia Music to play music on the speaker. Although the speaker is compact the sound quality is excellent and gives my ipod speaker a run for its money.  The PlayUp can reach 89dB and is aided by a Bass port too. You can watch videos on your phone and play the sound through the speaker so this is very handy for watching movies anywhere.

As the speaker is compact it is easy to move from room to room, you don’t even need to leave your phoneWP_20130316_008 beside it and can leave the room with the phone.  I tested this by going outside with the speaker leaving the phone inside, works perfectly.

One downside although it didn’t affect the sound was that you can hear if you are typing on your phone through the speakers.  I didn’t notice this until there was a pause in the music and this is something Nokia should address together with JBL.

On the underside of the PlayUp is a hidden compartment which houses the removable battery and some cables, very handy and very neat.

With this speaker pared with the music feature on my lumia 820 my ipod has now become totally redundant .

To sum up Nokia and JBL have come up with an easy to use, compact and light speaker to use with their lumia range of phones.


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