Unification Center For Windows Phone, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – #WP8 #Apps

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Unification Center released today for Windows Phone devices, this release was preceded by a bevy of apps being made free by Liquid Daffodil.

Microsoft’s platform has been missing a notification center and UC is hoping to fill that gap, can it, in short the answer is no.

So how does it work you might ask, basically app developers can add code to their apps to allow them to use UC entirely free. So if you have an app such as Gleek the mentions and message notifications will show up in UC, from here you can review and reply.

Unification Center does not interact with the core system so you will not receive sms and call notifications here its purely for apps. This is one reason why I think Microsoft’s forth coming option will be much better.

So for now all UC is really is a notification center for Liquid Daffodil’s own apps. Having said that there are some big name apps such as MeTweets coming soon.

Known Issues

  • Notifications come later than those of the actual apps themselves
  • Not all items from an app seem to appear in UC, for example not all Flyby’s arrived in UC in our testing
  • From testing you must have notifications turned on in the app as well as turning on the UC option so this means double notification

Developer Issues

This is not about issues the developer has encountered but more that the developer Liquid Daffodil has been some what critical of other developers in the ecosystem and even of users who critique their apps.

Personally we have experienced these same issues from our conversations on Twitter and email and Liquid Daffodil need to ensure professionalism moving forward.

The developer of the brilliant Mehdoh had this to say about Liquid Daffodil today:

Twitter   mrcfield   LiquidDaffodil  colmsmyth ...So Liquid Daffodil take this advice if you wish, play nice to the community now that you want them to partake in your services, you are not competing anymore so if you want people to play nice with you then you play nice with them.


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