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Ireland in 2013 for most people is financially a tough time and one of the biggest bills that a household has is their heating bill.  In fact heating a home is so expensive these days that criminal gangs are going house to house and actually steeling the oil that you have worked so hard to buy.

Dunraven Systems are an Irish company and have a wide range of solutions for monitoring your homes energy output.  They very kindly provided us with their latest Apollo Smart wireless monitoring system to try out.


Apollo Smart is the world’s first home energy monitor, designed specifically for domestic oil heating installations. Utilising, tried, tested and proven technologies, Apollo Smart not only allows heating oil users to ascertain the volume of fuel remaining in their tank, but to monitor heating costs, consumption and emissions too.

How It Works

In a nutshell the Apollo Smart is comprised of twice pieces of equipment, one being the transmitter aka the ‘Rocket’WP_20130326_002 and the other is the receiver.  Upon opening the box you need to synch the two devices by holding them together and waiting for the notification.

One synchronized you will then have 10 minutes to install the transmitter on your oil tank, most modern oil tanks will have an opening on top that is capped, just remove the cap and screw the transmitter into place.


Powered by a long life lithium battery, which has a life expectancy of 5-7 years. The transmitter relays datawirelessly to the mains powered receiver unit, where it is displayed via a premium quality, easy to read, LCD display.


Apollo Smart displays the following consumption, emissions and cost data on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis:

  • Heating Costs in £s or €s
  • CO2 Emissions in kgCO2
  • Fuel consumption in litres

Additionally, Apollo Smart displays the following information in real time and on demand:

  • Volume of fuel remaining in litres
  • Volume of fuel remaining displayed via bar chart function
  • Number of days supply remaining
  • Internal Air Temperature in degrees Celsius
  • Cold Weather Warning
  • Low Level Warning Alert
  • Transmitter Battery Status AlertWP_20130324_008

To reduce the risk of overfills during delivery, the Apollo Smart Transmitter benefits from the provision aninbuilt LCD display. This allows fuel delivery personnel to monitor the level of fuel inside the tank before, during and after refuelling.

Synch To PC

The Apollo Smart has the ability to connect to your Windows PC and let you download your stats and usage patterns via the Apollo Smart App. The Apollo Smart App can be downloaded here. The App affords heating oil users with the opportunity to analyse historical consumption data, assisting them in better understanding, controlling and managing heating oil usage and consumption.

Future Proof

As the Apollo Smart is USB enabled you Dunraven Systems provide a firmware updater to ensure your device is always up to date with the latest software.  This means that as new features are rolled out you will be able to pick them up.

Areas For Improvement

This is really nitpicking here as the Apollo Smart has been a delight to use so far with not a single issue, but for me I would have liked to have seen a backlight display on the receiver unit to make it more readable.


You can buy the Apollo Smart from the below online outlets for approximately €99 and it is money well spent and you will see the saving within 6 months

Cheapest Oil  Home Fuel Direct Bunded Tanks  Tank Depot
Boiler Juice Oil Energy Monitors Oil Monitors Direct Warm and Toastie Fuel Tank Shop

3 thoughts on “Apollo Smart – Oil Monitoring System – #Consumer #Monitoring #Oil

  1. If it had a built in alarm that informed you of a sudden drop in your oil levels, that’d be great! Also an electoshock for those that are tampering with your tank!

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