Google To Purchase WhatsApp – UPDATED: We’re NOT Selling #WhatsApp #Google

whatsapp-031212-650x0UPDATE: WhatsApp Neeraj Arora has gone on the record to state that WhatsApp is not in discussions with Google for a potential takeover. Source

Word on the street is that Google is in negotiations with Mobile Messaging power house WhatsApp.  The deal has been going on for a few weeks now and it is not the first time that Google has looked to purchase WhatsApp.

Seemingly WhatsApp are stalling for a close to $1 billion buyout as possible, not a small lump of change for Google.  Google has been looking to make consistent their messaging service for sometime now and obviously see WhatsApp as a good addition.

What will be worrying for some especially those who use Windows Phone is that if Google buys WhatsApp will Google screw them over and stop development of the app for Windows Phone.  Its taken along time to get the Windows Phone version up to speed and it still has issues.  Will Google spend the money to make it good, considering what it has done to Microsoft lately I doubt it.

We are still a few weeks off knowing the outcome so stay tuned.



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