Nokia Purity Pro Wireless


Finally i received my purity pro wireless and it was worth the wait.

Im a headphone fan and many pairs,now in all honesty i dont wear them out in street but,i do so  round the house,gaming and watching movies etc.

As mentioned ive several types here but these set a new standard in design and comfort.

I like loud,these are loud,they are the most comfortable headphone to date.

Some headphones squash your ears and leave them sweaty these do not,they are so comfortable after a few minutes wear you forget they are there.

ImageCompatibility is not an issue,ive several lumia handsets,the 620/820/920 just to begin with and other devices and they work seamlessly with all devices,

Ive been using them now a few days and they are just great,they also look great and feel great on too.

Battery life is also very good,the controls are perfectly situated for ease of use  .

With NFC and Bluetooth capability you can connect instantly without a cable in sight.

What i also love is how they fold up making for easy storage.

ImageThe sound is amazing with active noise cancellation.

So here is some specs.


  • Height: 190 mm
  • Width: 185 mm
  • Thickness: 632 mm
  • Weight: 284 g
  • Connectivity

    • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, Near Field Communication
    • Connectors: Micro-USB charging connector, 3.5 mm audio connector
  • Power Management

    • Maximum talk time: 24 h
    • Maximum standby time: 168 h
    • Music playback time: 24 h
      • Wireless operating range: 15 mm in NFC use;10 m in Bluetooth use
      • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0;Near Field Communication
    • Music and Audio
      • Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
      • Audio features: Wideband speech, Active Noice Cancellation ANC, apt™-X, Digital Signal Process DSP, Stereo, Echo cancellation
    • So thats it,you should really consider a pair and enjoy the experience.

2 thoughts on “Nokia Purity Pro Wireless

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