IslendigaApp For Iceland, Oooh Your My Cousin – #Iceland #Family #Genealogy

art-353-unnamed-300x0Lets face it, when you are on a night out and you bump into that person who you hope might be that special person, the last thing you think about is if they may be your cousin…right ?

Well, in Iceland that just might be the very first question you ask that person, as in Iceland a nation of only about 300K people inbreeding can be a big issue.

Software engineers at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik has scraped a publicly accessible genealogy website called slendingabk (the Book of Icelanders) to produce an Android app called IslendigaApp

Now while this is is not intended to actually help you with dating it does provide the added bonus of seeing if you may be related to intended conquest.

Its a good idea for this small nation and the app is free, just remember that as its scrapping a website even small changes to that site may break the app.



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