Veho M4 Portable Wireless Speaker Review – #Veho #M4 #Wireless #Technology

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The Veho M4 Wireless speaker is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want wires restricting their movement when listening to their tunes.

The M4 is so tiny it will actually fit on the screen of a 4.5″ smartphone with ease so to say its portable is an understatement.

The M4 features Bluetooth connection and MicroSD up to 16GB if that is how you want to do it.  It comes in a nice little carry bag that will hold all your wires, the speaker and memory cards.

  • Two 2.2 Watt speaker for big sound with upto 5hrs playtime from Internal Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth wireless V2.1 Supporting Bluetooth Profiles A2DP AND AVRCP
  • Wireless touch control on speaker to control Volume Up/Down and Track Skip FWD/BACK
  • Also Supports 3.5mm Line In and Upto 16Gb Micro SD card using MP3 or MWV file formats
  • Totally portable measure 6.5cm high and 5.5cm in diameter

The only issues with such a small device seems to be that the Bluetooth tech inside is not that strong and under testing we could not move our phone more than 10 feet from the device.  However when you consider that most people always have their smartphone or Ipod on their person this perhaps wont be an issue.

The sound quality is actually very good something that you would not think from its size and the sound is clear and not too tinny.  There is no built in woofer or bass port like we saw on the JBL PlayUp that we reviewed awhile back which is our benchmark portable speaker.

So would we recommend the Veho M4, yes if you just want a no fuss portable speaker that you can literally throw in your bag.  Yes is you don’t mind always having your music device next to the speaker.

The one thing to remember about the Veho M4 is that its only going to cost you €30.99 at MobileFun and at that price it is well worth it, plenty of bang for your buck.

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