FlubIt Comes To Ireland – #FlubIt #Ireland #ParcelMotel

Flubit ReviewFlubIt is now available to Irish customers who can receive their items via Parcel Motel.  The idea behind FlubIt is that users can sub in a direct link to a product and the FlubIt service will create alternative offers and cheaper ones in theory.

Users can track all their offers and order straight from the site.

“Flubit We’re doing something impossible. A discount, on anything, at anytime. We create lower prices for users that don’t exist elsewhere; yet we keep the margins optimised and attractive for merchants. We’re a technology company, we scale on with our core modules. Our conversion rate is 30%, ten times higher than the eCommerce average. It’s strong because we’re not social, we focus on you alone. When you’re ready to buy, we create you a lower offer on the exact product you want, and it’s private. Send us the URL of the product you are about to buy, we’ll do the rest.”

I personally would like to see some mobile apps for the service also and I’m sure this is something that the team will be actively working on.

So check out FlubIt


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