Is there really more phones than people in ireland?

Comreg have recently released some interesting figures on mobile phones.

Here they are .

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) released its Quarterly
Report on the Electronic Communications market for the period (1 January to 31 March )

Q1 2013.
Average broadband speeds continue to increase. In Q1 approximately 21.9% of all
broadband subscriptions were equal to or greater than 10 Mbps, up from 19.1% since Q1

Broadband subscriptions (fixed and mobile) increased by 0.1% on the previous quarter and stood at 1,668,585 broadband subscriptions at the end of March.

The fixed Broadband penetration rate at the end of March was 24.6%. When mobile
broadband is included, the penetration figure is 36.4%. The estimated household (fixed and mobile) broadband penetration rate at the end of Q 1 was 65%.

The mobile market accounted for approximately 72.2% of all voice and internet subscriptions (fixed and mobile), with fixed market subscriptions (voice and internet) representing the remaining 27.8%. Total quarterly electronic communications revenues were €912.8 million for the period, decreasing by 2.1% compared to Q1 of 2012. Mobile voice and SMS revenues are decreasing while mobile data revenues are increasing.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) in Q1 2013 was €28 per month, down from €29 on the previous quarter. The drop in ARPU is due, in part, to lower priced mobile plans and increased sales of bundled products.

There were 5,432,182 mobile phone subscriptions at the end of March which was a
decrease of 0.5% on the previous quarter. Ireland’s mobile penetration rate for the quarter
was 118.5%.

Info taken from comregs website.

So this means on average each person owns 1.185 phones,a rather skewed number,but its percentages we are speaking here.


Image credit to wisegeek.

There were 5,460,507 active subscriptions at the end of December, and 5,533,554 active SIM cards at the end of September 2012.

ComReg says the cheapest model available to most users – O2′s SpeakEasy Experience Plus, with a €20 top-up –  is 36 per cent more expensive than the European average.

The average Irish mobile customer pays €18 a month for a pre-paid contract, and €41 a month on billpay, according to the figures.

So here is my thoughts on this as an analyst here in ireland and some interesting facts and figures.

This year mobile phones is set to penetrate the human race the first in technology ever.

Estimated world figures as of today.

Planet . . . . . . . . . . 7.1 Billion humans
Mobile accounts . . . 6.7 Billion total active subscriptions (94% of all humans)
Phones in use . . . .  5.2 Billion including those with 2 phones (73% of all humans)
Unique users . . . . . 4.3 Billion humans who have at least one phone and account (60% of all humans)

So this is it now does this mean actual figures in handsets or SIM CARDS/SUBSCRIPTIONS?

Myself ok i own 105 handsets all nokia and i own a few other handsets too as i test phones and applications as a beta tester,ive 20 sim cards,so that leaves me out of this statistic as im sure there is not many others that follow suit,

So take from that i own 20 sims!

Each quarter of the year its a battle of on operators and mobile phone manufactures to show off their figures,its a global interest,a battlefield if you will,thats the way its gone and this year will be a big battle between manufacturers operating systems .we have new phones,new manufacturers and new operating systems on the way which may and could in fact hurt some of the top guys .

MY 20 SIMS-Ok ive 20 sims not all active not all registered,some actually old and probably useless.

This is where the figures get skewed in my opinion,so why?A sim card is not a sale of a unit!

Big corporate companies order sims they also order phones,companies tend to throw out figures of their sim cards distributed,rather than handset sales,also mobile vendors send out subscriptions  data,again is not a sale of a handset so in effect this is where the figures are skewed,so we see quarterly figures released by manufacturers,this is actually unit shipped not sold so it takes time to actually get a more definitive figure than first submitted for the much awaited quarterly figures.

This means Q1/Q2 figures etc are not 100% correct which is why i question the penetration rate of phones in ireland.

Although i must say it must be close considering the last census figures vs last weeks comreg figures this is where i suggest its not an accurate statement yet to say there is more mobile handsets in ireland than the population,There is more sim cards than people in ireland,and possibly ACTIVE subscriptions.

Also to note this does not include tabs or mobile broadband which use a sim card,which is where the figures again as an active sim card may apply.


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