O2 Ireland to sell the Nokia Lumia 925 for €489

Lat night i spotted a rather nice surprise on O2s website as im constantly checking for updates on all sites for info on pricing and upcoming releases.

And to my delight i see the latest camera king from nokia,the Nokia Lumia 925 for an amazing €489 on pre-order.

Now i was a bit dubious about the price considering the phone is £499 in the uk.

Also the Lumia 920 is priced at €519 so why is this cheaper especially when its dearer in the uk.


Typically in ireland we pay more for phones and the uk is a good early price guide as they tend to get the phones before we do,been a bigger market and more competition thats expected but this is how it is and always has been.Until now it seems,yes the 925 went on sale early this week there but we will see it in july here in ireland.

So without further ado i was straight onto O2 on twitter and asked them is this the correct price,and they replied YES!


So there you have it in the flesh its an amazing price.

Those who use the lumia 920 may not find this the next model as there is a few new tweaks and an a better camera but enthusiasts will go for it especially at the price its been offered at now,maybe the current 920 owners may wait for the alleged EOS which will be announced on July 11th in new york,expected release date for that will be Q4 2013.

So if your out for a new phone next month or due an upgrade you should get this as its priced so well especially if your into photography.

Stay tuned for a review very soon on the 925.


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