Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Review

We have used an reviewed portable speakers in the past and have others lined up for later this year but so far they have been a mixed bag of quality, in design, acoustics and implementation.  However the UE Mobile Boombox is from Logitech who are world renowned for producing quality and they have produced it this time also.

The UE Boombox can be bought from various online outlets and to give just one as an example, Amazon, they are selling it for £79 or about €85 at time of writing.


  • Up to 50 ft. music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets
  • Connects 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously-take turns playing music
  • UE Sound Signature for pure, undiluted audio
  • Two full-range drivers and passive radiator for big, clear sound
  • Built-in mic/doubles as a speakerphone
  • 10-hour rechargeable battery


The UE Boombox is rounded on all sides and basically square on the front an back, its wrapped in a rubberized plastic.  This rubber is not only to protect the speaker from drops but it also has the added benefit of reducing the tiny noise you often get from hard plastic speakers.  It’s hard to describe its size but as I sit here writing this I have an Xbox 360 controller next to it and its slightly smaller than that.  It’s actual dimensions are 11.1 x 6.7 x 6.1 cm.


The audio quality of the UE BB is excellent considering its size, while there is no really deep base to it you certainly can hear music with a beat very clearly and can feel the €300 Jawbone sound and honestly this is pretty much just as good for a fraction of the price.

Range and Connectivity:

The official specifications state that you can stream at 50 feet but in reality you can actually go more with calm weather conditions.  You can again also connect more than two devices to it despite the specifications stating two, so another win here too.


If there was one suggestion its that Logitech need to include a much longer charging cable, the one supplied is only about one foot long, and that may be generous.  Sometimes your only plug available is down the back of a press or TV stand so the small in box cable just doesn’t cut it.

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for affordability and quality sound.


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