Ploom….Look Cool While Trying to Quit Smoking – #Ploom #Smoking

Ploom1The summer is well and truly upon us right now and many people enjoy sitting out enjoying good food, fine wine and perhaps the odd cigarette.  However unfortunately for non smokers there are always those few who chain smoke like chimney stacks.

This is not only annoying for the non smoking but it is also very bad for the smoker too.  Ploom is an upstart tobacco company based in San Francisco.
They are creating a line of products starting with the modelOne. Re-imagining the smoking paradigm, Ploom weds modern technologies, materials, and processes with beautifully simple yet effective design.

Vaporization is an alternative method of consuming plant materials. A vaporizer extracts the active ingredients of plant materials by using a heating element to heat up plant material (instead of burning it using a flame), resulting in zero combustion and eliminating both smoke and second-hand smoke. As with all vaporizers, Ploom utilizes conduction heating – heating the plant material through direct contact.

What is different here to other similar products is that Ploom actually uses tobacco pods which are heated up, rather than just a nicotine substitute.

So why not check Ploom out, its $39.95 and available here and you will still look ‘Cool’ while smoking this alternative to the real thing.



An alternative method of consuming tobacco, Ploom heats, never burns tobacco providing a flavorful vapor for you to enjoy.

heats, never burns

Ploom heats the tobacco pods to the point at which flavor and nicotine is released in the form of vapor.

compact design

The pen-sized Ploom fits in your pocket. It is light and portable. Put in your pod and you are ready to go.

easy to use

An indicator button turns the device on and off, shows the battery level and tells you when your device is ready to use.

hassle-free pods

Ploom uses single-serving Ploom pods pre-filled with the highest quality ingredients. The recyclable self-contained pods are clean, convenient, and perfect every time.


Simply place your Ploom on the included USB docking station and plug the dock into the nearest USB outlet to charge.


ploom pods

Made from anodized, food-grade aluminum. Pods can be recycled.


Ploom heats up and is ready to enjoy in as little as 30 seconds.


LED indicator light

Displays heating status and battery level.


2 thoughts on “Ploom….Look Cool While Trying to Quit Smoking – #Ploom #Smoking

  1. “Second hand mist from an e-cigarette is not smoke at all, and does not contain any substance known to cause death, short or long term, in the quantities found. The electronic cigarette comes in either two or three parts. If you quit smoking now, you’ll improve your physical appearance significantly.

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