Why Samsung, HTC and the rest hate Nokia

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As we all know, Samsung is the king of Android, not because their products are superior, but because it has a shed load of them, and we consumers are buying their chunks of plastic, by the millions. So, if Samsung are doing so well,why do they and most other manufacturers for that matter, hate Nokia?

Well, it’s simple. Nokia have almost complete control over the third most popular OS in  the world – Windows Phone. Some manufacturers have tried their luck at competing with the Lumia handsets, but almost all of them have faded into the background. For example, do you remember the Samsung Ativ S, the HTC titan? There’s a chance you do, and the Samsung Ativ S was a rather nice handset, but Nokia still prevailed over them with the Lumia 920.

Nokia really is the comeback kid, and that’s what other manufacturers don’t like. Effectively, HTC and other manufacturers were and are trying their best to get a slice of the android pie, but while they’re doing that, Nokia effectively took over windows phone and now they can’t get a “Slice” out of any pie, granted that the HTC one is arguably better than the Samsung Galaxy S4, consumers are still going for Samsung out of sheer brand loyalty.

So, there you have it, my opinion on why other phone manufacturers don’t like Nokia very much. You can leave your thoughts in the comments below voicing your opinion on this matter.


10 thoughts on “Why Samsung, HTC and the rest hate Nokia

  1. I would also guess all the patents which Nokia hold probably doesn’t make them so popular with other OEM’s. Apparently any phone with 3G has to agree licensing terms with Nokia (i may have this a little wrong, but they definitely hold some strong patents in 3G).
    Samsung and HTC have no one but themselves to blame for their position in WP. They are more interested in Android.

  2. The way you describe Nokia’s timing with Windows Phone is intriguing to me. Essentially you are saying that Nokia grabbed hold of the WP game in the nick of time to disallow competing manufacturers to grab any of it, locking them out of the game. Where this leaves Samsung is unimportant, but for HTC the situation is nearly nightmarish. And now with HTC’s half-hearted efforts to make a budget phone… I think the countdown has begun. With Nokia we can finally concentrate on counting up. Counting up Lumia sales for example.

    Good read, thank you!

  3. Its a vicious circle nokia was king and came down now its coming back up,people are fed up with the same boring stuff from apple and samsung not sure about htc though they do build quality handsets compared to the plastics we are so used to seeing.

    • Totally agree, HTC has the hardware, but should focus on some software aspects, either moving to Windows phone or fixing sense because it’s not for power users at all.

  4. Nokia have so much to offer with Lumia’s. The Attiv S is a remake of the Samsung Galaxy Android device. Windows phone fans dislike Android. We don’t want remakes we want new design and new phones and better app support like what Nokia have gave so far.

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