Smartphones surge ‘sparks increase in thumb injuries.


HALF of mobile phone users have suffered thumb injuries in the past five years, the results of a new survey show.

The rise in smartphone usage also means two fifths of people have suffered some kind of pain or discomfort in their thumbs while more than half complained of thumb tiredness from using smart phones.

The survey, by O2 in the UK, showed that two thirds of those surveyed wished their thumbs were faster.

To boost thumb dexterity, O2 has created “thumbells” – dumbbells for thumbs – to build up strength for faster and longer usage.

David Johnson, General Manager Devices for O2 in the UK, said: “We know our customers are using their thumbs more than ever.

“Whether it’s choosing tracks to listening to, scrolling through videos or playing mobile games, we’re all using our thumbs to interact with the technological revolution, and as such it’s important we keep our most precious digits healthy.”.

The survey also showed that smartphone users spent 13 minutes playing games.

Social networking takes up 15 minutes a day, while users spend 24 minutes surfing the internet on mobiles.

Telegraph uk.


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