Secret Pictures For BBM – #BBM #Blackberry

Secret_BBMSnapchat is a popular picture sharing service whereby users from teens to adults to dodgy politicians can post pictures of themselves to others with a self destruct timer.

However this is not Snapchat, its Secret Pictures for BBM instead, basically the same thing but its built into BBM.  The only issue with this is that it looses the cross platform potion of Snapchat as this service is only for BBM users, an ever dwindling number of them.

So for you Blackberry users out there give it a try, just don’t get caught with your wiener out like U.S politician Anthony Weiner did, remember smartphones these days have screen capture.

  • Securely send pictures without letting them save
  • Encrypted for you protection
  • Screen shots are disabled
  • Pictures will self destruct if sent to other people that it was not intended for
  • Add captions to pictures
  • Pinch to zoom and and out of pictures when viewing
  • Take a picture with the camera from right within the app




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