Britvic Squeezes Blackberry Out in Favor Of Windows Phone 8

Nokia-Lumia-720-add2Britvic is a major player in the soft drinks industry and today in conjunction with Nokia have announced that they will be dropping Blackberry in favor of the Nokia Lumia 720.

This is not surprising really given Blackberry’s precarious market position.

This follows an increasing trend in corporate business switching to Microsoft’s platform and to Nokia’s devices specifically.


Press Release

Espoo, Finland – Britvic Soft Drinks, one of the UK’s leading soft drinks companies, has chosen the Nokia Lumia as the business smartphone for its employees, replacing devices and services from BlackBerry. Britvic is now halfway through a rollout of 800 Nokia Lumia 720 smartphones.

As the owner of iconic brands including Robinsons, Tango and J20, as well as being the exclusive bottler in Great Britain for global brands such as Pepsi and 7UP, Britvic Soft Drinks needs to ensure its people can have fast and easy access to the company’s systems wherever they are so that they can meet the needs of their customers.

A key factor in Britvic’s switch to Lumia is the Windows Phone 8 platform and its easy synchronisation with the company’s existing Microsoft systems, including Microsoft Exchange email and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as enabling them to access and edit Microsoft Office documents even when they are out of the office.

“We were looking for a business smartphone that could easily integrate with our existing Microsoft infrastructure,” said John Armstrong, Head of IT Shared Services at Britvic. “Nokia Lumia and the Windows Phone fit the bill perfectly, allowing our people to do much more than just check their email and make calls. The training Nokia offered our staff has meant they were quickly up and running with the devices, and Windows Phone 8 gives a consistent interface which is simpler to support.”

The Nokia Lumia 720 also features a 6.7 megapixel camera with great low light performance, which means that Britvic staff visiting stores and warehouses can quickly capture high-quality images that can easily be shared with colleagues.

Nokia Lumia also offers HERE Drive turn-by-turn navigation to help Britvic’s sales teams find the best route to their next meeting, as well as HERE Maps with LiveSight to identify other potential outlets in the neighbourhood, wherever they happen to be.

Adrian Williams, director of Business Sales UK at Nokia, said “We’re delighted that Britvic has made the switch to Nokia Lumia. Combining sleek design with the most popular apps, it’s easy to see why Nokia Lumia is the best business smartphone.”


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