Twine Launches For iOS and Android

illustration-f5-2Twine is a new kind of flirting and chat app for iOS and Android.  Most apps of this type are very men heavy and therefore unbalanced.  This is annoying for the men who want to chat with the ladies and annoying for the ladies as they are bombarded with chats from men.

Twine however always ensures that there is a balanced number of men and woman available, infact as its curated they claim a 50/50 split.

You can click the ‘Find New Twine’ button and the app will search for other users nearby who use the service. Users can choose to keep their profile private and chat anonymously until they are comfortable and then reveal when ready.

This allows users to feel a little bit more secure when chatting to strangers, especially if they are nearby.

Twine helps you kickstart the conversation. With its patent-pending ICE Breaker, it will suggest topics that will help you get to know the other person better.

Try it out

Download – iOS

Download – Android


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