Editorial – How Gaming Has Changed

Technology has changed and advanced in absolutely remarkable ways in the last couple of years, with the majority of the focus being on mobility and connectivity. From the spread of mobile smartphones, to the ability to control thermostats and home security systems from outside of the house, to many other shifts, we are all enjoying increasingly flexible, digital lifestyles. And perhaps nowhere has this general shift been more evident than in the gaming industry.

In the past few years, the gaming industry has essentially shifted to an entirely interactive one, involving the connection and competition of players from all over the world through Internet access. Here are 4 specific ways in which the gaming industry has become more interactive in recent years.

1. Social App Gaming

candy-crush-sagaThe most obvious shift in how people are interacting through gaming is with regard to the social aspect of gaming apps. Users on iOS, Android and Windows devices can download thousands of games these days, and many of these games are specifically designed for social interaction. Whether you’re posting Candy Crush Saga scores to your Facebook account, or competing directly with friends or strangers in Ruzzle, etc., there are plenty of ways to enjoy app gaming in interactive environments.

2. Console Multiplayer

Gaming consoles have been around for some time now, but in the last 5 years or so the social interaction aspect of these consoles has exploded in popularity – to the point that many games are now designed specifically with emphasis on Internet multiplayer communities.

All it takes is a quick visit to xbox.com to see that there’s a whole “Social” category of console gaming! High profile gaming consoles are deeply linked with the Internet, and the trend won’t reverse any time soon.

3. Online Gambling

Gambling is tossing a whole new type of social interaction into the mix, and as more countries reach regulation agreements, there will only be more online gambling.

Consider poker.betfair.com, where players can play in competitive online poker games, as well as enjoy a number of other casino style games with real money on the table.

These sites are drawing massive traffic, and the concept of gambling real money online is opening new doors in gaming.


4. Multiplayer Online Communities

Finally, there are the MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games) that have been popular for years, and in some ways started the shift to interactive gaming communities.

These games tend to feel a bit older, but they’re worth mentioning due to enduring popularity. From World Of Warcraft, to free options like Rift and Neverwinter, these games attract massive communities of players.

How has gaming changed for you over the last few years, are you more social, let us know


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