MeTweets Petitions Twitter For Site Streams Access

Petition   Twitter  Open up Site Streams access for MeTweets   Change.orgMatthieu De Laere creator of the fantastic Windows Phone app MeTweets has setup a petition to lobby Twitter into giving him access to Site Streams.

Site Streams is important for developers to give their apps and you instant access push notifications just like how Twitters own official app does.

In his petition Matthieu says:

If Twitter opens up Site Streams access for MeTweets, we would finally be able to give our users what they’ve been asking for a while now: super fast, instant notifications! 
Twitter currently restricts access by telling that the Site Streams service is still in beta. It has been in beta since August 2010, so it should be pretty stable by now, isn’t it? By signing this petition, you can help us to reach out to Twitter and maybe they will add us to the whitelisted application list for Streaming access!

So please give him your support and remember this is not just important for his app and Windows Phone apps but for all apps and all apps on other operating systems.  If Twitter is hounded enough they may just bring Site Streams out of beta for all, its been in beta since 2010 after all.

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