Twisty Launcher – Who Needs A Moto X?

unnamedToday I stumbled upon a new app, and a very interesting one at that. This app replicates the twist to launch feature found on the new Moto X that everyone, including myself, wanted to try out.

Well now you can – with Twisty Launcher!!! Twisty Launcher is not a homescreen Launcher in any way whatsoever, all it does is sets gestures that open apps when you do them, pretty neat!!!

I did encounter some problems with purchasing and whilst playing games, like RiptideGP2, my camera did launch, so some sensitivity options and app exclusion system would be nice.

In the free version, you don’t get to do much, you only get the option to “Chop” your device twice to launch the camera, and that’s it. It does work remarkably well, but it’s very limited.

In order to unlock the two other gestures, which are turning your device over and twisting it, you’ll have to pay €0.75 each for these gestures. Which adds up to €2.25 in total.

You do get to control which apps which gestures open so if you’re like me and have 3 separate camera apps, you can have a gesture for each, and as this app is new, I’m sure more gestures will be added later, and when they are, I’ll let you know.

The app is available on the play store, the link is below, let me know in the comments what you use it for.


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